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Don’t Print Your Comic at Staple or Office Max


I worked as a graphic designer before I made my way over to comics, so when it came time to make art prints or print my book, I went straight for a professional printer to do the job. When I got to the comic con, I priced my materials based on what it cost me to print them. Someone would

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Wait! What? Where is Everything?


I've been combating it over the summer, but site was compromised over the last few months causing several shit shut downs and restores. Ultimately, I wasn't able to keep it running like that, so we took the nuclear option and wiped everything off the server. Which means that I need to rebuild everything that was on the site over again

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  • Holy crap, the printer I yelled at is actually sending me job delivery notifications & not just sending me blank emails when I email them.

    Hallopino about 2 days ago
  • @DaveScheidt Was a time sensitive project that they confirmed to deliver on Monday that they delivered today. They have one more shot.

    Hallopino about 4 days ago

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