Teleport #1

by Ryan Ruffatti & Moomie Swan
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Jessica Soto is no longer waiting for the future to arrive. She is putting everything she has into creating working teleportation device and will not rest until she succeeds. How much will seeking this accomplishment take from her? Why does she want teleportation so desperately? We follow Jessica’s experimentation as she goes through various trials and errors, as well as successes and setbacks.

Create the Future.

Jessica is not alone in the endeavor as her cousin, Victoria, strives to be the emotional support Jessica needs. Whether she wants it or not. No one is an island, and Victoria works to connect Jessica to this world, while Jessica looks to change the world.

I worked on this story with the amazing Moomie Swan. Moomie’s amazing pencils, inks and shading really brings the story to life in a way I wouldn’t possibly achieve on my own. I’m honored to work with her on this. I’m glad that we get to continue to work on Jessica’s story as we plan to release Teleport #2 in Spring of 2018.

Release Date:
April 14, 2017

Ryan Ruffatti

Moomie Swan