Chicago Blizzard

We had the big storm everyone was talking about last night. Work sent me out to get some photos of the area so I thought I would share some with all of you. the ones I’m sharing are mostly of people working as cleaning up their driveway, etc. I felt a little bad for taking a photo and not helping them. Enjoy

I didn’t get to leave right away because I was snowed into the apartment for a while, but they did come and clean up things fairly quickly.

Phone Booth

We were doing kind of a nerd girl shoot. We had decided she was a trekkie with the fake Spock ears. We had her change into the hodge podge of an outfit and we ventured out to this phone booth in front of a shady motel. It had no phone inside, but it was fun to shoot a phone booth since they have been becoming increasingly rare and none of the windows were broken. Overall it was in pretty nice shape. The gentleman at the motel that was watching us shoot said there were people interested in buying it a while back for quite a bit of money and that people had filmed a couple things at the location which is near the race track.

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