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How to Make a Wound with Nose & Scar Wax

Now for one of the more complicated make up examples I’m going to share. It’s not exactly the most difficult, but there are a lot of steps, I would suggest a little bit of practice to get things down. But this something I feel everyone can do. We are going to make a wound using nose and scar wax. For this application we are going to need:

  • Nose & Scar Wax
  • Liquid Latex
  • Spirit Gum
  • Spirit Gum Remover
  • Palette Knife
  • Skin tone make up/base
  • Bruise Wheel/Stack
  • Make Up sponges/brushes

First here is our model before we begin to mess her up.

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1. Scoop Out Nose & Scar Wax

Now we are going to start with the nose and scar wax. You are going to want to use the Palette Knife to scoop out of bunch of it. If you don’t have a palette knife you can use your finger or any variety of things you might have at home. No actual sharp edges knives though. The Wax is very sticky, so you may want to put a little Spirit Gum Remover on the Palette Knife first.

2. Roll Nose & Scar Wax into a Snake

Nose & Scar wax is a lot like sticky PlayDough. You can work with it just like clay. For a large or long wound you will want to roll it into a snake like shape. First rub some Spirit Gum Remover onto your hands to the wax will not still to your hands. Not too much though, or else it won’t stick to anything later.

3. Apply Spirit Gum

Set your Nose & Scar Wax snake off to the side and get out the Spirit Gum. Brush on the Spirit Gum in the area where you want your wound. It’s better to go over a larger area then you think you are going to use to be safe.

4. Work Air Into the Spirit Gum

I’m a big stickler on this. Most packaging doesn’t mention this, but it is crucial. Take your finger, or a brush and tap on the area were you applied the Spirit Gum until it this thick and tacky. You will see strands and the skin will start to stick. This is the sign that is is ready to use. If you use brand new Spirit Gum out of a fresh bottle you are going to see stuff fall off unless you do this. Older stuff that has been sitting around for a few months/years will need less work to do it’s job.

5. Attach Nose & Scar Wax to Skin

Place the Nose & Scar Wax in the area where you applied the Spirit Gum how you would  like your wound to be.

6. Blend the Outside of the Wound

Using your finger or the Palette Knife smooth out the outside of the wound to it blends in with the skin and is a smooth transition. If the wax sticks to your hands or the knife lightly apply some Spirit Gum remover to you hands and tools to make sure it doesn’t stick to you instead of the subject.

7. Rough up the inside of the Wound

It’s a wound, so I like to mess up the other edge of the wound. I typically will use my palette knife for this. Although sometimes, I’ve been creative on how.

8. Apply Liquid latex

Liquid Latex is like a fake skin. And that is exactly how we are using it here. The Wax is soft and will never harden. So we want to make a layer of Liquid Latex over it to help protect it in case you need to touch it and bump it.

9. Blend in with Skin Toned Make Up

Odds are the Nose & Scar Wax and Liquid Latex are not the same color as your skin. You will want to blend it in with a color that does match your skin tone. Be sure to color the entire area  if need be and not just the wound it self.

10. Blend with Bruise Wheel

I use the Bruise Wheel alot. It has the colors I use the most. You don’t need this exact thing, you are going to want similar deep purple and red colors here.

With the Red color I go very lightly around the area to give the look of some irritation. It’s pretty fresh, so I don’t want to use anything too dark, plus if it’s too dark then people can’t see the wound.

11. Color the Inside Edges

With the Darkest Purple I paint around the outside edge of the wound to give it some dimension. Some people like to paint the whole inside white first to look like exposed bone, but never been a fan of that.

12. Paint the inside

Even though we are going to be putting blood on the side you still want to paint the inside. The blood will most likely drip out of the wound as the night goes on, and you don’t want this looking normal when the blood is gone and thinned out. I used that dark red color for the inside to blend in with the blood.

13. Adding Blood

Using a Q-Tip, I like to go really heavy with the blood around the edges of the wound. It will cause it to drip and run as the night goes on and look cool. I don’t like to fill the entire thing with blood, because it cover too much of the cool stuff we’ve just done.

14. Blending with Blood

Best way of blending things in. With a Stipple Sponge you can add more blood around the outside and inside of the wound. It will make a splatter look and make it hard to see the edges of your work.

And here is our finished wound.

BONUS: Adding Safety Pins

Anytime you try to make it look like you are trying to patch up a wound it makes it look sicker. I’m using Safety Pins here to help close the wound. Now this is a step that can really ruin all your hard work. The key to this is going to be Spirit Gum Remover. You will want to heavily coat the pins in the remover, and then gently push them through the wax. You want to be careful because the wax will want to stick to the pins and pull away from the wound causing you to start all over again.

Here is the looks with the pins.

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    • You should be able to just pull it off. And remove the rest with soap and water.

      There may be some residue from the adhesives. Spirit gum remover should help remove it.

      If you get the wax or latex in your hair, then it becomes difficult to remove. Will spend a lot of time picking it out. But you’ll get it out in time.

  1. Kylie

    Do you have to use spirit gum before applying the scar wax? Is it safe to not use the spirit gum?

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