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How to Make a Bruise

So Halloween is coming and you are searching the internet how to do cool make up. Well is here to help. I am bringing back last years how-to section on how to do various make up effects. I’m trying to keep things pretty simple and easy. But you can build on top of these ideas to make more complex ideas of your own.

Today we are going to learn how to make a bruise.
A quick note: the joke of, “I can make a real bruise really easy for you.” gets old fast.

The items required is very easy for this. We simply need a Bruise Wheel (pictured) from Ben Nye, or a Bruise Stack from Cinema Secrets and a make up sponge.

Odds are the crappy halloween stores that crop up around the holiday will have the Bruise Stack. It’s a bit different colors, but the theory on how to use it still applies. Most year round stores should hopefully carry one or the other. As for the sponge, it’s not really needed, but tends to be better then sticking your finger in someone’s eyes in an attempt to give them a black eye. You can find one at pretty much any make up section at a drug store or grocery store.

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So lets start off with our subject. Today we are going to give her a black eye.

What we want to do to begin is take a bruise wheel and start with the darkest color which is that deep purple. On the Bruise Stack there is a black. I would advise to skip that and move to their dark purple. this will be the base of our bruise or black eye. This will most likely be where the person was hit, or most blood vessels were broken. You can begin by being fairly sloppy and applying it to the face where you want your bruise.

You don’t want to go too big with this color because the other colors are going to go on top of this and will have a larger footprint.

Now, some people might look at that and feel that is the type bruise they are looking for, it looks bad, fresh, it looks like that time I get hit with that baseball. The good part to this is that it is all subjective. I’m going to give a lot of steps here. If you are making your bruise and you like what you are seeing and want to stop, then stop and call it finished right there.

Our next step here is going to be adding the next color, which on both the wheel and the stack will be the next darkest color. With the bruise you want to be fairly messy and apply this over previous color spreading things out wider then before.

And from there you want to continue around the wheel to the next darkest color, and apply it in the same manor. If your next color is a green or a yellow then stop. I believe the wheel has one more red/purple color then the stack does.

I went a bit crazy on that color. You don’t have to go that big. You want to make what looks right for the character or effect you are making. But I am going a bit more extreme for demo purposes.

Next we have the green-ish color. This is more of a heeling color. If you are making a fresh bruise, you want to skip this step. If you want an older looking bruise you most likely want to use this, but sparingly. You’ll want to apply this in areas that might not be as dark, as those would heal first. I personally find that people are kinda grossed out by the green, so it’s fun to add.

And now our bruise is complete.

A few things about preserving the make up. Most times if you using creme make up and want to head out you want to powder the make up to protect it. With the bruise I like to avoid that. I feel the powder dulls it out too much. Also as the night goes on it will fade and the more it fades the cooler it is going to look.

BONUS: Sometimes I like to add a little bit of blood to a black eye. More of a rough fight, almost breaking the skin kind of look. With a stipple sponge and blood gel, I’ll lightly go over the cheek bone for the look, like below.

I tend to go with Cinema Secrets Blood Gel over anything else you might find at the halloween store because in this case since we went light it will dry and look a bit like scabs.

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